Monday, February 17, 2014



Mykonos is a casual  Greek restaurant. The restaurant features a bar and booth style seating. It's a family restaurant great for all ages. My waiter was very polite and was able to  recommended a few dishes since this was my first time coming to Mykonos.  After looking over the menu, several times, I ordered the chicken kabobs. The kabobs consisted of chicken, tomatoes, and onions. The entree came with a salad, vegetables, rice, and the delicious bread shown below.  The chicken on the kabob was tender and well seasoned. The steamed vegetables were crisp and not overly steamed. My favorite part of the entire meal had to be the bread. The bottom of the bread plate was covered in olive oil and the bread was placed on top. I literally at 3/4 of the bread. The portions are very generous. You will need a doggy bag. While enjoying my meal, their were several birthday celebrations going on. As with any establishment, the waiters and waitresses song happy birthday, but at Mykonos they have a special twist at the end of the birthday song. They break a plate. This is done in the kitchen to keep everyone safe, but what a fun way to say happy birthday. The entire place roared with laughter. 

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